Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Next Trip To Cancun

Its finally arranged. Scott Congdon is scheduled to go to Cancun on November 18 to meet with Gilberto F and Steve H who will both be there already. Steve H is spending his Thanksgiving family vacation there and Scott is traveling there for a couple days to get caught up on current developments regarding CCU.

Gilberto F told us today that he is taking a two week trip with a business friend to China in October. We are still working on a planning meeting during the first weeks of January in Cancun to work on establishing an Extension of All Nations Seminary at CCU.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hurricane Passed South of Cancun

Gilberto called to say that the hurricane passed over Cancun with winds of about 40-60 miles an hour. The eye of Hurricane Dean was some 150 miles south of Cancun. Even further south than Mayan ruins at Tulum. Almost no damage reported at Cancun, Gilberto said. I asked about the beaches since two years ago the hurricane washed almost all the beaches in the hotel zone out to sea. The government spent some 12 million dollars to pump the sand that had settled off shore by the corral reefs. Gilberto said the beaches in the hotel zone are fine! Hurray, since this is considered to be one of the finest beaches in the world.

Even Gilberto's daughters condominium which is located on the beach wasn't damaged. So it looks like we made it through this one. The University is under lots of water since it rained close to six inches on Monday when the hurricane passed over. Fortunately there is nothing at the University but a graded parking lot at the moment. So, good news for the Cancun and the cities near by. We survived another one!

Hurricane Dean Hits Cancun

The much anticipated Hurricane Dean has finally hit Cancun and the eastern coastal region on the Yucatan. Fortunately for Cancun, and the Cancun Christian University, the hurricane center is some 100 to 150 miles south of Cancun.

I called Gilberto who is at his apartment in downtown Cancun to see how things were going. To hear our phone conversation click the link below:

Phone Call Update From Gilberto In Cancun

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean Moving A Bit South Of Cancun

The latest news about Hurricane Dean from the Weather Channel is that it is moving some 100 to 140 miles south of Cancun at the moment. I called Gilberto to Cancun and he said they were ready for whatever Dean brought them. He acknowledged that it appeared that the center of the hurricane would land south of Cancun, more towards Tulum or south of there. This doesn't get Cancun out of trouble thought, as Dean is only a few miles an hour of being designated a category 5 hurricane, the most powerful hurricane there is.

The storm should arrive at the Yucatan by tomorrow evening. Their is rumor that the Cancun airport may close tonight at 5pm.

Gilberto said his apartment is full of people, functioning as a sort of hurricane relief center. His daughter, the University architect, and his assistant Javier are a few of the people who are waiting out the storm there.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurrican Dean Update

Gilberto Is Getting Ready For The Hurrican

Gilberto called from Cancun yesterday to ask if I was still flying to Cancun today. After a couple laughs, we agreed it was best to reschedule the trip. As a matter of fact, Gilberto was busy packing and arranging his emergency supplies to help him weather the incoming storm. I will be staying touch with Gilberto to see how he is doing.

A group in Cancun that I have made the acquaintance of just sent out a request for help if he hurricane does indeed hit there. I just received their e-news. Here is a part of that email:

"As most of you have heard we have another hurricane (Dean) coming this way. The projected path is either Cancun or Cozumel Mexico. Please be praying that Dean will pass through an area that is not populated.

That would have to be a miracle because of where it is headed.

I would ask that you join us in prayer and if you can send an offering to help with food and materials. Where ever it hits we will be helping with food and building materials just as we did with hurricane Wilma two years ago. It is a horrible thing but with your help we can turn this around and use it for an outreach. We will be able to share the gospel with everyone that receives the help."

For more information you can go to their website at: www.mexicomissions.org

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hurrican Heading Towards Cancun

As Gayla and I begin preparing for our trip this Saturday to Cancun, guess what is also heading that way? You guessed it! Hurricane Dean. We are now re-evaluating whether we should depart this Saturday for Cancun in light of this new weather development. I suppose by tomorrow we will know if we are going to get on a plane on Saturday. Check out today's forecast as to where Dean is heading: